115 Relics of Apostles and Saints

St. Paul calls the believers of the early Christian community as ‘Saints’ (Col 1:2). We are also called to be Saints. To make us God-like, God sent His only Son as man. Saints were ordinary people who have crossed the path of being in sin, but have overcome the wails and temptations of life and are now crowned with the glory of God and are in heavenly abode looking at His face and praising Him unceasingly. The people who are leading a sinful life if they denounce that life and follow Jesus, then they too can attain the kingdom of heaven.

For our day to day living we need the intercession and protection of Saints. It is in remembrance of Saints we celebrate Nov 2nd as “All Saints Day”. Saints are ordinary people who led ordinary lives with extraordinary love for God. The things used in their day to day living or any part of their body uncoupled by the passing of line are termed as “Relics.” These relics are venerated by the Catholic Community. And Every Catholic Church has its altar consecrated by the Relic of a Saint.

This Holy Shrine of St. Thomas, the Apostle for India, located in Chennai, for centuries together holds the relics of St. Thomas namely His Toe Bone. And also there are some Holy things such as The Cross carved by St. Thomas on a rock and the painting of Mother Mary and child Jesus by St. Luke brought by St. Thomas in the year – These are relics of St. Thomas that have been 52 A.D. venerated by us for ages. This shrine now boasts of more than 100 relics of Saints which also includes relics St. Joseph, Mother Mary and all the Apostles of Jesus.

The strong belief of our catholic faith in the intercession of the Saints makes it a source of Jubilation for us. If such common humans could become Saints due to their astonishing love for God, we too may become one of them if we in our everyday lives show admirable love for God and His creations!

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