Love Meal - Anbunavu

Help us to feed the poor and the needy

Jesus gave his body and blood to quench the spiritual hunger of his people. He did not want even one of his sheep to roam in desolate land but led them through green pastures. God became man to understand the needs, trials and temptations of man. This man Jesus went amongst people to see, understand and grant the needs of the people. He says I come to give you life, life in abundance. Yes, the Lord knows and understands the needs of his people. But do we?

The basic needs of today’s people are love and food. 2000 years Back when Jesus preached on the mountain to 5000 people, he the king of the universe realized that his people have not had food for 3 days, with love and offering thanks to God the Father and he broke 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes and fed the 5000.

Today on this holy hill of St. Thomas, God through His Church, with love is offering meal to people transcending all boundaries of society caste, creed, statues religion etc. This meal offered is a replica of what happened 2000 years back in the mountain.

The Love Meal seheme or called as Anbunavu in Tamil was started on September 8th, 2009 and the poor and the pilgrims were given the lunch alone for about three years. And now this has been developed into Three meals scheme in memorial of the sacradotal Silver Jubilee of his excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. A. Neethinathan, the Bishop of Chingleput.

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